Turning 50, with a little help from my friends--and Tony Bennett

Turning 50, with a little help from my friends--and Tony Bennett
I’m happy to be alive. I love life. I think the greatest gift you could have is to witness your life on earth. I know I’m never going to retire. I’d like to live another 10 years. I’m going to keep studying and learning!
— Tony Bennett, when asked his thoughts on turning 90

Sorry for the unexpected blog absence.  This month I turned 50 and that milestone stopped me in my tracks for a bit.  Seriously, how did that even happen? Last I looked I was 37!

Generally my attitude towards birthdays is to channel my mom's advice that every decade brings something wonderful, and my husband's advice that older equals wiser and better.  Yet with "50" looming I started contemplating ye olde bucket list of life.  Which meant contemplating everything I hadn't yet accomplished--rather than all that I have. (Is it just me, or do you go there too when facing a milestone occasion?)

Then the morning of the big day I awoke to sunshine, my husband bringing breakfast in bed, a stream of cards-calls-texts, an exuberant bouquet, some surprise gifts--and a clear head. Whatever the number, there was nothing I could do about it and in any case it sure beat the alternative.  What was there to even be gloomy about when I am so lucky to be blessed with love, my husband, family, friends. Health. Freedom.

A week later I came across the above quote from Tony Bennett in Parade magazine. It made me think again: maybe that moment of being unsatisfied isn't so bad after all.  Maybe what it's really about is a desire to want to always learn and grow and explore; and maybe that very desire is what keeps us young in heart, wise in mind and ageless in spirit.  

So thank you to my husband Kevin, to my parents and sister and in-laws and nieces and nephews and aunts and uncles and cousins, to my girlfriends and guy pals, to my blog readers, to the inspiring men and women I've profiled on Style Maniac this year who have taken wild leaps to follow their dreams and find joy.  Thank you, Tony Bennett, for reminding us all that the best is yet to come. Change that 10 to at least another 50, and I'm in.

"Use the good china for breakfast."