These Last Days of Summer

You feel it in the air, that twinge of coolness enticing us with the promise of Fall. Then within hours the humid heat of Summer returns. Back and forth I go as well between my two favorite seasons. Yearning for leopard capes, suede boots and crisp golden days; yet also reveling in the balmy breeze teasing a flowy caftan as I sip a rosé on my front stoop at sunset.

7 Piazza Pod Park philadelphia by Doreen Creede.jpg

On that stoop, I think of the season that has blown past so alarmingly fast. I think of a rooftop party on a thick July eve, with smoke in the air, clinks of drinks and laughter drifting across the night. Of a chance hello to a fave celeb at the re-opening of our friend’s theater and a toast goodbye with a blogstress pal at the new al fresco wine bar just before she moves away. Of a city heat wave where the streets seemed to boil, followed by the relief of a lake trip with a dozen of us piling into a ski boat and racing across the waves to dinner. Of chargrilled burgers and fireworks at the beach, then steak and twinkling city lights at my sister’s new apartment by the bay. Of a milestone wedding anniversary: 15 years (!) though it seems just like yesterday that my husband and I danced with time suspended, he in a tux gazing down at me in a red gown; everyone we loved swirling around us as Etta James crooned At Last.

How about you?

What memories of summer will you cherish when that cool wind comes to stay?

One of my summer 2019 memories: the opening of Piazza Pod Park in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia. (photo by moi). More moments @stylemaniac on Instagram.

"Use the good china for breakfast."