The Art of Aimless Wandering: The Paintings of Jean Plough

Do not have any goal.  Do not be attached to the outcome.

Land and space inform my work. I believe the earth be seen and experienced as vivid and beautiful, and can inspire us in ways we don’t understand.
— artist Jean Plough

Those two rules guide the "aimless wandering" of artist Jean Plough's "series in time" collection of paintings. Each series involves several paintings completed during the same time period. She lays canvases on the floor and then uses the same colors for all of them, applying one color at a time to all canvases before moving on to the next.  

"It may take a few days, or even several weeks or a month to complete a series," says Jean.

The resulting combinations emerge strikingly different, each with its own energy and distinct look, as you can see in the two paintings below.

Summit  by Jean Plough

Summit by Jean Plough

I didn't know about Jean's rules or approach when I spied her postcard of Summit (above) when breezing through 3rd Street Gallery in Philadelphia for a First Friday open house.  The abstract painting's vivid pinks and blood reds refreshed with chartreuse and tempered with dark strokes simply grabbed me with its mystery and motion. 

Reading about her process, though, makes me think that her approach might be one to try from time to time.  To just stop thinking and let things develop.  If only!  Well, I'll give it a whirl, and remind myself to let the vivid and beautiful surprises of the earth inspire me in ways I can't understand.

Firefly  by Jean Plough

Firefly by Jean Plough

Think you'll give it a try, too?

See more of Jean's process this week on Style Maniac's Facebook Page.


Recently Jean appeared in the Main Line Art Center Spring GALA Exhibition.  Upcoming exhibits include:
Third Street Gallery, 45 N 2nd St, Philadelphia (March 2018)
Twenty-Two Gallery, 236 S 22nd St, Philadelphia (October 2018)


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