The Style Guide Interview With Doreen Creede on StyleMindChic Life

Stylish news! I'm honored and delighted to be named a "Style Guide" by StyleMindChic Life.  

Written by the fabulous Heather Lindstrom, StyleMindChic Life covers fashion, lifestyle and travel with flair and upbeat energy. In Heather's "Style Guide" series she highlights women who, she says, "Inspire style ... and seem to now just what is going on at all times and how to work it."  

doreen creede named style guide by stylemindchic life

Please head over to read my style tips and Q&A with Heather, then stay awhile to browse her beautiful blog and StyleMindChic Boutique.  You'll find lots of things all of us at Style Maniac love -- an affection for animal prints, a penchant for yellow, an approach to life that's upbeat and honest, and a bit of an obsession with beautiful beaches.

stylemindchic life from Heather Lindstrom

You'll also find that Heather had quite a scare last week, when wildfires came within inches of her Chico, California home. Thankfully, her family is safe and her home was spared due to firefighters' heroic efforts.

After corresponding with Heather to make sure she was okay, I was reminded of another correspondence we'd had, just after a fire in my own neighborhood three years ago this month.  As I wrote in a post that May, such moments make us stop and think about how we are living our lives. What was re-affirmed for me then, for Heather now, and for so many of our friends on and off the blogs, is that style is not a frivolous thing.  As I said, in reply to Heather's comment on my post:  "By making small moments just a little bit prettier, by encouraging laughter and the gathering of family and friends, by putting thought and care into the elements of how we live, we honor and celebrate life."

Here's to continuing that celebration.  Heather, I'll be toasting you tonight with a glass of vino and lots of love.  xoxo

p.s. Photos of me here and on the StyleMindChic post are by AlbFor, part of a "Day In The Life" photo shoot you have seen peeks of on social media, and will be seeing more of in an upcoming post. 







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