Go For The Bold
Photos here and in banner courtesy Anthony Baratta.

Photos here and in banner courtesy Anthony Baratta.

My recent website redecorating got me looking through photo files, where I came across a pic of a bold and colorful Miami home by Diamond Baratta.  I'd tucked it away for the perfect moment and as we're talking about risk and joy this season on Style Maniac,  I'd say this is it.

Icons of the design world, William Diamond and Anthony Baratta were masters of vibrant color, strong shapes and a gleefully eclectic mix.  Their style has been described as "fearless playfulness," which is just about the best description I can imagine.

In my own decorating business, I encountered all the time how fearful people were of doing something unexpected or "against the rules."  Well, what are the rules?  And who makes them? The only thing that matters in a home is that it makes those living in it happy. That it brings you joy.  And if joy means painting yellow stripes on your wall, or adding a curvy yellow chaise to a red room, or just tossing a giant furry pillow on your sofa, then go ahead, splash it on!

These images are not recent, but feel just as fresh and delightful as the first day I saw them. Sadly, William Diamond is no longer with us, an incredible loss of a great talent.

Anthony Baratta continues to be a master of the bold mix at his firm and shops in Manhattan and Westhampton Beach.  He has graciously agreed to share some of his design secrets with us.  So: what would you like to know?  Please leave your decorating questions for Anthony Baratta in the comments below. 

"Use the good china for breakfast."