Clean the House, Change Your Life

Clean the House, Change Your Life

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  Quite a bold claim for a book on organizing, even if it is a #1 New York Times bestseller with 2 million copies sold. As someone who is pretty organized (okay, obsessively organized), who starred on HGTV's Mission Organization,  and who decluttered and rearranged dozens of client homes for over a decade in my decorating biz, I didn't think there was anything Marie Kondo could teach me about getting organized.

I was wrong.  

The genius of her KonMari method is that it's not about finding pretty ways to organize your stuff.  It's about only keeping stuff that does one thing:  

Spark joy.

Kondo's system is radical and daunting:  you begin with clothes, and take every single item from every closet and drawer in your home, lay it all out on the floor (yes ALL of it), then pick each one up and ask yourself not:  Is this practical? Did I spend a lot of money on it? Will I need it in case of winter blizzard or summer party? The only question you ask is: Does this spark joy?  

If yes, you keep it.  If no, you thank it for what it has given you or taught you and let it go. In a similar way you then work through books, papers, mementos until the entire home is tidy and clutter-free.  

The life-changing part comes when, through this catharsis, you begin to realize what -- and who -- sparks joy in the rest of your life. Kondo says that after completing her process people quit their jobs, change careers, get divorced, change their life.  A bold claim, yes.  But a true one, at least for me.  The hubby stayed (I'm not giving him up!),  but a lot else changed ... and so far I've only gone through my clothes.  Give it a try and see what sparks joy for you.

"Use the good china for breakfast."