Day In The Life: Building A Style Maniac Vignette for Spring

Happy First Day Of Spring!

This month on Instagram and Facebook  I invited you all to follow along as I put together a Style Maniac "Day in the Life" vignette for Spring.  Each post featured an element representing topics covered on Style Maniac and my own personal approach to life and style.  Color, whimsy, family, decorating, bold fashion choices, adding beauty to every day life -- see it all unfold below.  

See how the above elements of Style Maniac came together:  see the Day In The Life vignette  in the banner of this post (if not showing click on post title) and throughout the season in the Blog banner at the very top of the page.  

Reflecting my love of beaches and bright colors, the vignette turned out to be a bit more "Spring Break" than typical Spring ... either way, I hope it brightens your day! xoxo

All photos by Doreen Creede

"Use the good china for breakfast."