Flying Away & The Oscars

As you may have guessed from the last post, Escaping Winter is my preferred plan.  And so I'm off to visit family and soak up some sunshine (yay!).  When I booked the ticket months ago I didn't realize it would coincide with The Academy Awards.  As I'll be on a plane during prime Oscars red carpet and awards time, I'd like to leave you with this Bing Ballot, and direct you over to my friend and sister Blogstress Le Anne Lindsay, who writes the film and food blog Tinsel & Tine.  She'll be covering every aspect of the evening on her Twitter and Facebook.  Douse some popcorn with butter, uncork a bottle of Chardonnay and settle in for the gowns, the jewels, the long-winded speeches, the controversy, the surprises, the drama, the kitsch, the grandiose spectacle of it all.  I'll pop in when I can. xoxo

"Use the good china for breakfast."