Fabulously Faux
faux fur snow leopard coat photo doreen creede style maniac

Escape or Embrace?  That's the question we've been debating on Style Maniac this winter.    Although I'm mostly on the side of Escape, the one thing I do adore about winter is the coats.  Oh the coats! Preferably long, cozy furry and one-of-a-kind.  Like this vintage snow leopard faux fur, which looks even more fun when paired with hot pink leather gloves.  (Surprisingly warm and a total steal at about $35 from my fave vintage coat source: Bella Boutique, a consignment shop in my Queen Village neighborhood.)  When it comes to coats I say:  go big, go bold, have fun.  

How about you?  What's your favorite winter fashion item?  

Photo by Doreen Creede

"Use the good china for breakfast."