Doreen's Winter Fashion Tips & Picks for WHERE Magazine
WHERE winter fashion tips from Doreen Creede November 2015

Winter fashion offers the best elements (coats and boots and cashmere and furs, oh my!) and also the biggest challenge:  staying warm.  This season I was asked by WHERE Magazine to share my inspiration and practical information for building a winter wardrobe,  Check out my "Winter Fashion" feature for the Philadelphia edition of the magazine; it highlights my tips and picks for how to look chic and stay cozy this winter.  (November 2015, in print and online. Sorry for not posting sooner.  I shared this on social media but recently realized I had not posted here on the blog.  My store picks -- Joan SheppScarlett AlleyUNIQLOKit + Ace, Benjamin Lovell and Jacques Ferber -- are perennial favorites and still offer options to keep you covered from head to toe, with style.)

Banner photo of the Dries Van Noten "Grounded Glamour" collection at Joan Shepp by Doreen Creede.

"Use the good china for breakfast."