People, Places, Pretty Things: Highlights of the new Style Maniac Blog & Website
people places pretty things flowers Joan Shepp Pop the Party petit jardin en ville cut-paste photobooth photo Doreen Creede

Moving to a new house entails a lot of unexpected and messy moments before the pretty place you envisioned comes to life.  Turns out moving a blog is the same.  For instance in transitioning from Blogger to Squarespace, turns out that -- surprise! -- redirecting the email feed delivered 20 posts (instead of just the most recent one) thus pushing that email into many a subscriber's spam folder.  Hopefully the delivery of this post will go smoother and you, dear readers, will actually receive it!

When you do, please click through to check out some of the treats waiting around the website, starting with the webzine-style Home Page where I've rounded up Seasonal Highlights, Stylish News, Fashion Finds, Everyday Style Tips,  simple and delicious Recipes, Decorating Secrets, plus more People, Places and Pretty Things to add a touch of joy and beauty to your every day.  Right now we're savoring the very last seconds of summer; next week we welcome the glories of autumn.  Sit back, click about and enjoy!

Doesn't every new home deserve some fresh flowers? These, from Petite Jardin en Ville frame a view into the Cut + Paste Photobooth during a party at the Joan Shepp boutique in Philadelphia.  Photo by Doreen Creede.

"Use the good china for breakfast."