The Hello Gorgeous Project
Hello Gorgeous Silk-Graffiti art by Aubrie Costello for Style Maniac wide.jpg

Look your best in photos, feel your best inside.  That’s the idea behind The Hello Gorgeous Project, a new series debuting today on Style Maniac.

The idea for this project came to me a few years ago, when several women I knew confessed they didn’t like how they look in photographs.  On Facebook, I noticed many women didn’t post their own photos in their profile.  For myself, an eye condition (strabismus) I've had since birth (and was taunted about as a kid) shows up unpredictably in photos and still makes me self-conscious when someone snaps a pic of me.  All of us have been bombarded by the perfect images of celebrities that saturate the media, and even as we know these women have a team of stylists, makeup artists, professional photographers, touch-up experts to make them look flawless, we still regard these as a standard, no matter how unrealistic.

Well, why not steal a few of those celebrity secrets?  Why not find out the right makeup for HD cameras, how a tilt of your head can dramatically change your look, which clothing styles flatter on film, what colors complement your coloring best, what’s the most flattering light, the most natural pose?

For The Hello Gorgeous Project I’ve gathered these and more secrets from the pros and a few celebs themselves, and will share them with you.   The goal is not to mimic celebrity looks.  It’s to help every woman be the star of her own life, looking her own personal best, finding the looks that work for her body type, developing her own unique style, and learning that the smallest change can make a big difference.

And it’s about one other thing, really the most important thing: finding the spark that makes you shine, the passion that lights you up inside.  Not just for a photo session, but every day.  Because no trick in the world can compare to the glow a woman has when she feels good about who she is and how she lives.  That beauty truly illuminates like nothing else.

Hello Gorgeous Silk Graffiti by Aubrie Costello.  Photo by Doreen Creede.


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