Wrap Gifts With Ric Rac & Pearls
gift wrap idea dressmaker ribbons style maniac doreen creede

For a beautiful and truly memorable gift, wrap with more than the usual bow this season.  Instead of picking up supplies at a card store head to a sewing shop or site.  My sweet stash of embellishments (above) comes mostly from my dressmaker grandmother, Lydia.  Her stacks of satin bindings, twill tape, elastic tape, chevron sequins, crocheted ric rac, spools of rhinestones and strands of mini pearls now grace presents rather than dresses.  Some must be 60 years old.  I keep the collection in clear boxes arranged by color and stacked in a section of a credenza I've turned into a gift cabinet.   The act of giving the gift begins with the selection, then continues with the wrapping, and I feel that somehow my love for Lydia and my enchantment with her sewing things imbues the gift itself.  I know this:  anyone who has ever received a gift tied with these notices immediately.  After asking if I want the trims back (of course not) they tuck them carefully aside.  Maybe to reuse, maybe to keep, but always to cherish.

Photo by Doreen Creede

"Use the good china for breakfast."