Why Don't You ... Lounge In Red Silk Charmeuse? {channeling Diana Vreeland}

Why Don't You ... Lounge In Red Silk Charmeuse? {channeling Diana Vreeland}
Harpers Bazaar November 1941 Cover by George HoyningenHuene.jpg

How fabulous is this Harper's Bazaar November 1941 cover? It combines so many of my favorite things: a dramatic dose of red, a bold animal print, timeless fashion, stunning photography.  I'd wear that dress, those shoes, that bracelet in a heartbeat.  Remember my visit to The Closet at Harper's Bazaar? (Take a peek again and enjoy the jumble of couture purses and library of shoes.)  This image comes from a gift I received when I visited, a packet of Harper's Bazaar cover postcards from an exhibit in Hearst Tower that tied in to a documentary about Diana Vreeland called The Eye Has to Travel.  Daring and original, Vreeland changed the very nature of a fashion magazine and later shook up the museum world as well.  Fascinating, and a perfect pick for a girl's movie night.  Butter some popcorn, pour some bubbly, perhaps even slip into your loveliest loungewear, and prepare to be dazzled by fashion's most famous editor.

Harper's Bazaar November 1941 cover photographed by George Hoyningen-Huene. Diana Vreeland's career at Bazaar began with a column called "Why Don't You ...?" with suggestions such as "Why Don't You ... wear violet velvet mittens with everything?"

"Use the good china for breakfast."