Powder Your Nails

Gel nail polish, we've heard of. 

Dipping powder nail polish

--uh, come again?

I came across this crazy system at my new favorite nail salon, the tiny, two-woman, no TV, very clean Polished by an Angel in Philadelphia. A SNS Signature Nail System poster promised healthy nails, no harsh chemicals, faster removal than gel, 14-day staying power and a mirror-like finish.  All great, but mostly I was fascinated to see how what looked like neon colored face powder could possible morph into a nail polish.  Yet morph it does, in a multi-step process of wet base coat, powder dip, wet coat, powder dip, two minute dry time, buffing, final shiny coat.  Yes, it took awhile, but after the final coat the polish dried instantly and my nails gleamed.  Then I put it to the test.  Four trunk shows, five loads of laundry, a house cleaning and numerous dish washing sessions later my coral nails gleamed on.  By day 12 a scrape (my fault) ruined one nail, a chip appeared on another.  By day 14, nail growth had exposed the base and the resulting ridge creeped me out.  Back to the salon.  Removal went smooth as promised, 10 minutes, no scraping needed, and my natural nails looked to be in great shape.  On again went #174 Hollywood Walk, and off I sauntered to give this beauty find another workout.

Check out this video for a quick overview of the dipping powder system. SNS dipping powder manicure is $35 at Polished by an Angel.  Thank you to all the Yelp reviewers who led me to this gem of a salon right in my work backyard.

Photo via SNS on Facebook

"Use the good china for breakfast."