Dress Like You're Going To Jimi Hendrix's Funeral

Who would have imagined Harry Winston and Jimi Hendrix inspiring the same fashion advice?  

When I spied this quote on one of my favorite blogs, Honey & Fizz, I thought: how sly, how subversive, how brilliant. Because you for sure wouldn't go in anything boring, basic or black.  The outfit would have to have flair,  flamboyance, energy.  And why save that for a mythic occasion? Why not strut with peacock feathers and spangles and shaggy neon fur coats and sunglasses too big and sleeves too long and heels too chunky and colors nearly clashing and whatever it is that you feel and want and desire.  After all, what are you waiting for? 

Life is short.  Add something colorful and unexpected to your every day.

Image courtesy Honey & Fizz.  Thank you for sharing your photo, Simone.

"Use the good china for breakfast."