Deliciously Different Wallpaper from Flavor Paper

Look closely. Instead of the pastoral scenes of a classic Toile de Jouy, this pattern from Flavor Paper sports The Roots, Ben Franklin skateboarding, the LOVE statue and Pat's steaks.  All Philadelphia icons, sketched by artist Dan Funderburgh and custom printed for Pipeline Philly, a shared workspace that offers office and meeting space to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs.

After seeing that Philly Toile at Pipeline, I checked out Flavor Paper and found more twists on Toile (Chinatown, Brooklyn, Dia De Dumbo, Sassy Toile) plus rad designs, like this "Fishnet" pattern made up of gals in fishnet stockings ...

 ... and Scratch & Sniff wallpapers in banana and cherry (there's also a citrus).

Other patterns include a new Andy Warhol Last Supper print in colorways Jesus Toast and Lenten Apricot, and a gorgeous glowing 40-foot mural called Cry Wolf. All custom made in Flavor Paper's Brooklyn Studio. As with Pipeline, Flavor Paper puts a modern twist on traditional and has a lot of fun doing it.  I want to put some of their delicious designs on my walls right now.

Top photo by Doreen Creede.  Other images courtesy Flavor Paper.

"Use the good china for breakfast."