Bloggers Writing Books (2015 Trend I Love)

From blog to book ... that's a journey I love. Especially when it's a book from a blogger who is also a friend and loyal reader of Style Maniac! As the world gets more techie I find us all craving tangible things-- like traditional books printed on paper.  Sorry, Kindle & iPad, you can't compare to curling up with a book cradled in hand. 

For all those reasons, I named  Kristy Woodson Harvey and her upcoming debut novel Dear Carolina as one of my Society Magazine 2015 Visionaires.

 This week I had the delight of receiving an advance copy of Kristy's novel, packaged beautifully with ribbon, bookmark and handwritten note.  As shown every day on her popular Design Chic blog, the girl's got style.  Here's to the prettiest book launch ever.

More to come about Kristy and her journey from blog to book. Photo by Doreen Creede


"Use the good china for breakfast."