VISIONAIRES: Style Maniac's 2015 Trend Report for SOCIETY Magazine

Tactile art. Pure flavors. Fashion sketches. Hand-forged jewelry. Couture stationery. A walking city. Bloggers writing books.  As technology infuses so much of our lives, I feel we crave even more handmade craftsmanship, live connections, simple pleasures, the sensual feel of something real in your hand.  That's why when Society Magazine asked me for a 2015 trend report, I didn't choose a color or skirt length.  Instead I chose Aubrie Costello, Via Carota, Denise Fike, Diane Roka. NINObrand Jewelry, Smoochie Paper, the city of Philadelphia and Kristy Harvey as my VISIONAIRES for 2015.  Find out why in the VISIONAIRE issue of Society Magazine, plus read more about each selection on Style Maniac in the weeks to come. 

"Use the good china for breakfast."