Writing That Book

Ideas Exploding.  
Projects Brewing.  
Figuring out what you really want.

If you've been reading this blog for awhile you may have noticed my hinting at something in the works over the past few years.  So it has been.  Here's my news:  I wrote a book -- well, a book manuscript.  Then I wrote a book proposal, which honestly was harder than writing the manuscript.  And then, the hardest part of all: I set out on a quest to find an agent.  For a long time I kept this journey to myself because oh how scary it is to tell everyone your dream and then have it maybe not come true.  But as an artist friend wisely advised me:  the journey is part of the experience and if you don't share it may feel as if it never happened.  So with a deep breath and fingers crossed I share this with you, my dear, loyal, fabulous, readers and friends.

Find out how I got an agent, and who helped me in the next post (hint: he's getting an award at the Golden Globes tonight).

p.s.  An extra special thank you to my honorary Aunt Elizabeth who post after post, year after year, has never wavered from encouraging me to "write that book."  With my whole heart I thank you. 

Notebook photo by Doreen Creede

"Use the good china for breakfast."