As he left for a business trip one cold winter's day awhile back, my husband said to me, "Your boyfriend's on TV tonight.  I DVR'd it for you."  Later that night I sat down with Chardonnay and buttery popcorn to watch George Clooney talk with James Lipton on Inside the Actor's Studio.

  I expected the usual from George:  witty banter, dazzling smile, self-deprecating humor.  Little did I know he would change my world.

The moment came during the Q&A with the student audience when George gives this advice about auditions:  

"Every time you go on an audition you are gambling with house money. From the moment you walk in you don't have the job to the moment you walk out you don't have the job.  Nothing is different. The only thing that can be different is you get the job. Period.  And if you think of it that way you will take off all the pressure and you will just go into it going; 'The worst thing that can possibly happen tonight is that I don't get a job I don't already have.'"

Well, what exactly are you waiting for? I asked myself.  I had written a book manuscript and had ideas for several more.  I wanted an agent to represent me.  To accomplish this I needed to put aside my fears of rejection and, essentially, go on that audition. I also needed to do something else that makes me uncomfortable: ask for help.

Thus began a year of reaching out to friends, following leads, getting hopes high and having hopes dashed. Then I decided to ask the opinion of a publisher whose books I 'd reviewed on Style Maniac. Though not right for her niche, she loved my ideas and put me in touch with her friend.

Et voila! 

Carla Glasser of The Betsy Nolan Literary Agency loved my ideas, too.  So much that she agreed to represent me. (!!)   As someone who has scribbled stories from the time she was a little girl, thisthrills me to the core.

So thank you, George Clooney for the motivation (and congratulations on your Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award).  Thank you to friends who helped so much on this quest, especially Kenny Bingham, Denise Berthiaume and Marta Hallet.  Thank you, Carla Glasser, for believing in me.  To publishers out there: if you'd like to know more about my book on life and style please get in touch!

"Use the good china for breakfast."