Blog Birthday: Style Maniac Turns 6!

What will blogging will be like six years from now? Will this medium still exist?  Will we be reading posts off our wrists?

All I know for sure today --  the sixth birthday of the Style Maniac blog! -- is this: unexpected inventions, apps and networks will catch our eye; but the root remains the same:  it all starts with a story, and wanting to share it in some way with the world.  Thank you for reading my stories, all 632 of them over the past 72 months, and helping make my vision of a happy pretty oasis come to life and grow beyond the screen in ways I never could have imagined 2,190 days ago.  What will blossom next? Tangled, wild, beautiful -- whatever it is, I hope we continue to experience it together.

Floral typography by  Anne Lee Designs

"Use the good china for breakfast."