FUN & FABULOUS: Cut + Paste Photo Booth

Want an instant party? (Or the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot*)  Go directly to Cut+Paste Photo Booth.

The moment I encountered Cut + Paste I fell in love with the gleaming black fringe backdrop (option #3 above), with how much fun people were having, with the whimsical yet beautiful props (I especially like the Eiffel Tower fascinator), and with how great the photos turned out.

Whimsical & beautiful: Cut+Paste's artisan props elevate their photo booth to a whole new level


I don't know who these people are but they sure are having fun! (Attic 20th Anniversary Gala). See more of Cut+Paste's portfolio here.

How adorable is this little girl and her sparkly pink flamingo?

Hi tech & low: Cut + Paste lets you download photos online or take home the classic printed trio strip - my fave.

Owner Christina hand crafts every backdrop and prop, and will customize both for your wedding, private party or corporate event.  That artistic quality, plus her obvious passion for what she does, makes this an iPad Photo Booth like no other.  It also mixes the best of old and new technology:  as with most such  iPad setups you can immediately share an image or download it from the website later; as with a classic Photo Booth you can also get that classic trio strip of photos printed on the spot.  How fun and fabulous is that?!

*I liked that gleaming black fringe backdrop so much, it became my starting point for the #mystylemaniac Zeusvision Contest photo shoot.  Having only met Christina and her partner James briefly when I posed in their booth at a party, I wasn't sure what Christina would say when I called her out of the blue and asked to borrow a backdrop.  She replied: Yes, take two! and by the way a friend of mine is a great photographer, why not call her? And that's how we became instant friends, and how Brae Howard joined our team (more about Brae, our models and the #mystylemaniac photo shoot to follow).

Bottom image by Brae Howard Photography/ graphic by Doreen Creede.  All other images courtesy Cut+Paste Photo Booth.    Check out their fabulous & fun portfolio here.

"Use the good china for breakfast."