Felicitaciones to Our Olives From Spain Giveaway Winner

Felicitaciones to Our Olives From Spain Giveaway Winner

Felicitacioness to our Olives From Spain giveaway winner: Traveler (comment #3). 

Quick tip:  Annie Sibonney, Olives From Spain spokesperson and star of From Spain With Love, recommends serving olives with a classic Spanish cocktail of sweet red vermouth, a spritz of soda water and bit of lemon zest for aperitivo, a ritual snack enjoyed before lunchtime in Spain. Find out more of Annie's tips in this video interview by Style Maniac.

Wondering what an olive's color signifies? Here's a guide from the Olives From Spain website:

Green olives are harvested at their optimum ripening period for a smoked flavor.

Semi-ripe olives have a pinkish, wine-colored hue, which creates a vibrant experience.

Ripe olives are dark, deep and robust, with a truly profound flavor.

Ripe Black olives are harvested before they ripen, and are specially treated for their color and to eliminate bitterness.

Photo and giveaway courtesy Olives From Spain.

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