What to Wear In Fall When It Feels Like Summer

Every year it also happens: just as I've switched my closet from gauzy tops and flip-flops to Fall suedes and sweaters, Summer returns with a hot swoosh. What to wear during this tricky season, when the calendar says "autumn" but the thermometer says "summer"?

Solution#1:  mix dark, summer-weight pieces with lighter-weight, showstopping autumn styles, then accessorize with classic fall animal prints.  As pictured here, this was one of my Style Recipes during The Philadelphia Collection, my city's version of Fashion Week:

  • Raw-edged embossed seersucker pant in inky bluish black / "Gia"from NINObrand
  • Calfskin leopard pumps / past season, Banana Republic
  • Bubble wool jacket, worn as a cardigan / "Marley" from NINObrand by special order

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{NOTE:  NINObrand is a fashion brand I worked with.}

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