DEAR WORLD: A Mother Is A Daughter's Best Friend

DEAR WORLD: A Mother Is A Daughter's Best Friend

What message would you share with the world?

Photographer Robert Fogarty travels the globe asking people to share one meaningful message with family, friends, strangers. From love notes to New Orleans to a double amputee reclaiming the finish line at the Boston Marathon to team building at corporations to special events at universities, his Dear World project melds art, photography and words to reveal stories of hope, struggle, survival and love.  Last fall, Cassidy Cloyed, then coordinator of student programming at High Point University, brought Dear World to HPU and posed with her mother Susan Creede.

Cassidy is my niece, her mom my sister-in-law, and I can't imagine a photo more perfectly capturing the love and bond they share.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms I know who fill their daughters' worlds with love ... my sister-in-laws, my sister, my friends, my mother-in-law, and especially my own mom.  Photo of Cass and Susan by Robert Fogarty / Dear World.

"Use the good china for breakfast."