Reflections on 5 Years of Blogging

It was indeed a cold and rainy day five years ago when I launched Style Maniac.  
I had no idea then what would happen or where it would lead.  

I didn't know I would journey ...
From reading a digital magazine for the first time to being published in one.  
From joining social networks to co-founding one.  
From reading about flash mobs to staging one.
From writing about brands to launching one.
From playing around with Polyvore to selling couture.
From finding out about Twitter, to joining Twitter, to having people laugh at me for joining Twitter, to having those same people join Twitter themselves,
to watching as the world joined Twitter.
From going weeks without a single comment to holding an ongoing conversation and forging new friendships with readers around the world.
From having people ask "What's a blog?"
to witnessing bloggers change the way information and news is shared.

Along the way I ...
Was invited to join this pretty new start-up called Pinterest.  
Found out about this cool new app called Instagram.  
Interviewed five-star French chefs and lighting magicians.
Met artists, designers, photographers, entrepreneurs.  
Became friends with authors on my bookshelves.
Built sandcastles from the air, spread glitter and gold, traveled to Paris, Bulgaria, Tokyo, Greece without leaving my desk.

Together we ... 
Supported each other in sad times, bolstered each other on dark days, 
celebrated royal weddings, new babies, new businesses.  
Revealed our dreams, our fears, our desires.  
Found in each other kindred souls who love books and beautiful things, 
who believe you can be smart and strong and chic, 
who agree that living every day with style and color and love and laughter
is the only way to live.

These past five years have flown by in the blink of an eye. 
As I type this post on a frigid January day, the sun shines bright through the window, good news has just arrived in an email and I have the sense that so many of us who have been on this blogging journey together will find that as we have been posting daily or weekly or monthly with our heart and soul we have actually been building our dreams.

Here's looking to what's next and hoping those dreams coming true for all of us.

Photo via Lisa Roy.

"Use the good china for breakfast."