Are You Featured on the New Style Maniac Website?

Reader interaction fuels Style Maniac.  In recognition of that lovely fact, your comments and contributions are a central element in the newly designed Style Maniac website.  After all, who better to explain what we do than loyal subscribers like you?

Pop over and see if one of your contributions is currently featured, then please stop by regularly to discover new featured readers, especially on the What's Happening Now page, which combines seasonal highlights withreal-time Twitter and Instagram updates, plus the Amazon boutique featured pick (wrote a book? sell a great product? let me know, you could be next month's featured pick). On other pages you'll find the story behind the blog, a bit about me, press coverage, special projects, brand collaborations and more.

Another goodie to check back for: new website wardrobes celebrating each season with photo vignettes that in essence toss the elements of Style Maniac (live laugh learn listen read decorate dress eat entertain ... with style) out on a table.

For Fall 2013 that means leopard wallpaper and lush embroidered fabric from my decorating world mixed with vintage trim from my seamstress grandmother. Piled on top: notebooks filled with post ideas and books to read, To Do lists, a conradbookerCOLLECTION handbag, an iPhone tuned to this blog and our favorite gold coffee cups.

If you've been following for awhile you've seen those coffee cups before, and know they represent the heart of Style Maniac's mission to share with each of you easy ways to live with style, beauty and joy every day.  So go ahead, use the good china for breakfast, pour a cup of steamy black brew and browse through the all new

Photos by Doreen Creede / Style Maniac.  For more on the platform used to create the new website, visit Squarespace.

"Use the good china for breakfast."