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Ooh la la! What a nice treat. Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) chose my post "A Visit to Harper's Bazaar" for "Links a la Mode," a roundup of writing from around the fashion blogosphere.  This week's theme "The Wide, Wild World of Fashion" is introduced below by IFB writer Ashley Robison and followed by the 20 selected posts.  Merci, IFB!  And to all the new readers stopping by, welcome to Style Maniac.  -- Doreen


The Wide, Wild World of Fashion intro by AshleyRobison for IFB

I love to think about fashion, beauty, and style outside of what we wear on a daily basis. What's the history of a perfume or designer? How did they evolve into what they are today? How does that impact the fashion cycle around us? This week's LALM is about the wide and wild world of fashion around us-- from designers to brief nuggets of history. To iconic movements and figures (the flapper!) to reinventing and revitalizing old trends (crimping hair!). And of course-- looks into icons and industry people. It's all a wonderful reminder that there isn't always anything new in fashion, but there are always new ways to explore it, challenge it, and investigate it.

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

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