LINKS: How the 2013 U.S. Open at Merion inspired a handbag collection

LINKS "Tournament Purse" from conradbookerCOLLECTION

LINKS "Par Clutch" from conradbookerCOLLECTION

LINKS "Fairway Tote" from conradbookerCOLLECTION

Conrad Booker's faux grass Union Jack purse.  The 2013 U.S. Open coming to nearby Merion Golf Club.  Why not, I suggested to Conrad, do a golf-inspired handbag? Of course, what he came up with is like nothing ever seen on the greens before:  real golf ball appliques, peek-a-boo handles lined with tees, mini mirrors, zip pockets, contrast linings, a hot pink golf ball flower, "19" stencil punched into a shiny white side panel.  Perfect for the course or the cocktail lounge, LINKS handbags reference golf tradition in a fun, modern way.  As brand ambassador for conradbookerCOLLECTION, I've been taking these happy chic creations out and about from the "19th hole" to swanky city streets, and the reaction from golfers and non-golfers, men, women, teens and tweens has been unanimous:  pure delight.

Available by direct order and at select shops.  See for details.  Photos of conradbookerCOLLECTION

LINKS series by Doreen Creede.

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