A Visit to Harper's Bazaar
If you adore fashion
and have been flipping through slick magazine pages since you were a teen
and imagined so many times the glamour behind the gloss
you might think your expectations
were too high
when going to visit fashion's first magazine, one of the most famous in the world.
And yet there you are
stepping from a cab into the shadow of a gleaming twisted tower,
floating through a sleek silver lobby, past a pyramid waterfall and low sofas filled with fashionistas,
whisked up to the dizzying heights of Harper's Bazaar
and greeted by
against skyscrapers,
all of Manhattan laid at your feet
and in front of the skyline, with the Hudson River sparkling,
arranged on the floor
sky blue, sun yellow, cherry red.
Then, in THE CLOSET (that famous closet),
a rainbow library of shoes along the walls:
Blahnik, Chanel, Laboutin, Valentino
handbags pricier than an editor's annual salary fighting for space on shelves
trays of jewels
spilling into each other.
In the halls racks of couture
crowding the walkways
Gucci, Prada, McQueen, Dior.
On the desks
buckets of beauty elixirs awaiting inspection.
And everywhere boards crammed with photos
photos of spring shows
photos of makeup trends
photos of hairstyle trends
photos of what's new
photos of what's next.
All the fashion, jewels, shoes
tracked and logged and documented and organized with scrupulous precision
waiting for
the editor's stamp
the model's pose
the photographer's snap
the graphic designer's eye
the printer, binder, post.
And then
months later
it appears again,
delivered to your door:
all the gloss
all the glamour
all the myth
all the mystery
all that you saw
at that magical fantastical aerie in the sky.

Photos by Doreen Creede / Style Maniac.  A huge thank you to Associate Editor Lisa Luna for inviting me into the incredible world of Harper's Bazaar. For another peek inside The Closet at Harper's Bazaar click here.

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