Black Leather & Bright Linings

Black leather peeled back to reveal a bright floral interior.  Kind of like winter turning to spring.  As Brand Ambassador for conradbookerCOLLECTION, I've been having fun taking the "Hardwear" series of handbags out to parties, meetings, strolls around town.  Besides the surprise of a bright contrast lining in each bag, I adore the unexpected juxtaposition of hardware store elements with traditional leather, bold shapes and elegant finishing, dark and bright, bold and soft.  And oh how I love the Tassel Clutch's namesake of a dramatic long silky ponytail tassel.  For another shot of the clutch check the sidebar below or browse the Lookbook I created for the line.  (p.s Recognize the model in those other photos, anyone?)  For info on where to find and buy, click here or email me.

Tassel Clutch photo by Conrad Booker and Doreen Creede

"Use the good china for breakfast."