Screwed Together, Forever

Thanks, all of you who responed to our Gift-Away and shared your feelings on what "Screwed Forever means to you when it comes to love." 

Screwed Forever's creator and designer, Zivile Pupinyte, and I loved all the entries but one in particular stood out, for both the sweet and witty words and for the fact that the reader entered to make his wife (and business partner and best friend) happy. 

Congratulations, Andrew, on your winning entry:

With only minimal coercion:), I'm throwing down my two cents on this topic (quite possibly because a certain wife of mine has taken a fancy to the Screwed Forever P ring - she really loves the double colors). Screwed forever is the space where two people know, love and care for each other enough that they can work, socialize and live together? And do so while making it fun. Being screwed forever beats the hell out of being screwed, forever.  -- Andrew Sequeira

To Andrew and his wife Lee we wish you continued joy and laughter in your lives -- screwed together, forever.  (I'll be in touch with details on how to apply the $110 prize to the Screwed Forever item of your choice.) 

And don't forget, each of you, dear readers, get the chic treat of a 25% discount on the Screwed Forever website, through 3/31/13.  Use discount code TAKEMYHEART and select "Free Shipping" during checkout. 

Merci, Zivile for this generous gift to Style Maniac subscribers. Photo from Screwed Forever by Mechelle LaVelle.

"Use the good china for breakfast."