Practical & Pretty

Practical & Pretty

A kitchen for dancing and dreaming, sipping champagne in a ballgown or tea in a tee.  Fluffy chairs in the living room, table legs gilded gold to turn bargain into luxe. At first glance the home of Christine Dovey, blogger at

Bijou & Boheme

, looks like the confection of a single woman creating her fantasy


A closer look reveals practical touches that anchor the prettiness, making this a home where a family of soon-to-be-six can live happily.  Charcoal and clean lines temper pale pink and curvy.  Hidden toy caches and faux python upholstery keep up the glam vibe yet let children play and spill without worry.  Vignettes are carefully curated, with even book covers matching the pink / white / gold color scheme, yet have personality and humor so they don't feel studied or stuffy.  To achieve this kind of completely harmonious palette, Christine did start anew, in a way, selling virtually all of the family's previous furniture to start with a clean slate. Then she and designer Meredith Heron brought to life a dream of a kitchen that feels more like a Paris boutique and a home that's one of the prettiest and most livable I've seen. 


Home of Christine Dovey / Bijou & Boheme.  Design by Meredith Heron.  Read more at

, with story by Jennifer Hughes.  Photography by Donna Griffith.  Styling by Tara Ballantyne. First spied on

this is glamorous.

"Use the good china for breakfast."