Hearts, Hometowns & A Sweet Surprise

She left her heart in San Antone.  And Philadelphia.  And with her loved ones, wherever they may be.  Sweet surprise:  we loved the responses to our Big City Bumpkin charm Gift-Away so much we chose not one winner ... but three!

Congratulations to Val, Cassidy and Cara,

you will each get the chic treat of a handmade piece from Vanessa.  Your entries about, love, hometowns and Valentine's Day stole our hearts, and your enthusiasm for Style Maniac and Big City Bumpkin is truly appreciated.  Below, excerpts from the winning responses. Thank you to all who participated and don't forget

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CASSIDY:  Valentine's Day for me is a day to take a moment and remember/share all the love you have in your life! I am truly blessed to have so many people who I love and who love me. This year valentine's day was a bit harder as my boyfriend and I currently live in different towns, I still had a wonderful night getting sushi with my girl friends and going to a movie, and I think that is why these charms speak to me. No matter the distance you are still loved, you still belong, and a piece of you will always be where your heart is.
CARA:  I love the Philly pendant! Although I'm not a Philly native, this city has welcomed me with open arms and I couldn't pick a better place to spend my 20's. They say home is where the heart is, and right now my heart belongs to the City of Brotherly Love. 
VAL:   It'd hafta be San Antone ... since the symbol of Texas reminded me of Hometowns.  Now, my hometown doesn't remind me of late night baseball games (though as a child I witnessed some), or Friday night football (though I've been to many games)... My hometown of San Antonio, Texas, is more than any of that. It's more than a memory of tractors in the fields, or long lines of cowboys and cowgirls riding horses by the highway during the trail ride times... of driving home from school and going down the dip in the road, looking left always to a rolling plain with a small pond at the bottom... My home town has Fiesta, where we close off the oldest part of our town - La Villita - to have a huge party, where we set up a huge amusement park and bands play. My home town has a gorgeous riverwalk, along which you can dine at amazing spots, people watch, and feel more content than any other place I know...  That riverwalk is, on either side of the river, filled with exotic plants growing in exuberance for life, for being alive! As my sister said when we'd returned from our lonely trek across Europe, as she spread her arms out wide toward that foliage, that life, those waterfalls, "This! This is what we've been looking for halfway around the world!" and in a way, she was right. Driving from LA to San Antonio, you go through so many miles of deserts, only to reach the green rolling hills of Texas's hill country and enter San Antonio. It always seemed a miracle to me - how Texas was settled not West to East, but East to West. Those rolling hills were gorgeous after so much dessert. My home town is beauty in wilderness. My home town is amazing comfort food. My hometown is friends and family who always welcome any of my friends like they've known them forever.  It may also be Friday night football and baseball games, but it is so much more than even words. My hometown is pure love, pure beauty, and pure friendship. As the road signs say and the state name means - It is friendship.

Thank you, Vanessa, artist and owner of Big City Bumpkin, for offering this charming Gift-Away on Style Maniac.  Winners, please email me about getting your gift to you. 

"Use the good china for breakfast."