Style Maniac's (4th!) Blog Birthday

Sandcastles in air, cocktail rings and yummy things.  Girls in red dresses with stacks of books, chic sunglasses.  Brand launches, blogstress gatherings, royal weddings, runway shows. Laughter and loss, music and love. Zebra and leopard, gold, glitter and bling.  Comments became conversations and visitors became friends, as week after week we've shared favorite things. 

This week marks four years of blogging for Style Maniac, a milestone that astounds me.  I had no idea where it would all lead when I pressed that "Publish" button on January 29, 2009.  Much like the image above it's been a journey that brightened my world and opened up to reveal so many sweet and unexpected treats.  I hope it's been as filled with color and beauty and brightness and surprises for you, too.

In case you're wondering, the phrases above refer to blog posts. Photo discovered on The Paris Apartment

"Use the good china for breakfast."