STYLISH SECRET:  Inside Fashion Showroom Skai Blue Show

Find the black door discreetly placed between a boutique and a pizza joint.  Buzz.  Enter.  Walk down the hall, zip up the elevator, cross a sky walk perched between renovated old brick buildings.  Up more stairs, through another door and you have arrived at the spot where fashion editors scope out features, department store buyers view new collections and celebrities stop by for an emergency ensemble.

This is Skai Blue Show, a fashion showroom opened in Philadelphia this year by PR powerhouse and fashion maven Rakia Reynolds and her team.  Common in New York and LA, these type of insider fashion resources have recently started popping up in other cities. For the buyers and editors they offer a way to see several fresh, new lines at once.  For the apparel and accessory companies themselves they serve as a one-stop shop for brand representation, sales, strategy and promotion.  And for you and I the best part of this stylish secret is that throughout the year many such showrooms open to the public for special events and sample sales. Given that Skai Blue Show represents two of my favoritelines --Carmelita Couture and Concrete Polish-- I check their event page often.

Here, a peek at some of the clothes Skai Blue Show showcased this summer.  As you peruse fashion mags and websites keep your eye out for more.  Director of Media Relations Michelle Conron tipped us off that Skai Blue Show collections have recently been featured in In Style, People Style Watch and Daily Candy.

All photos by Doreen Creede / Style Maniac.  TOP& BOTTOM:  Carmelita Couture. PHOTO 2: Inside the showroom with racks from Marina Makaron Moscow (left) and Tough Luv. COLLAGES 3 & 4: Marina Makaron Moscow (left) and Jaeyoon Jeyong (right). For more info on Skai Blue Show contact Michelle Conron/ or showroom manager Aaron Pierce /

"Use the good china for breakfast."