Style is more than fashion and decorating, it's about how we live and love every day.  Although I have on occasion brought this little book out and left it on the table as a sorta-joke-sorta-hint, the truth is that in a relationship between two strong-willed people, I'm fortunate that some of the stuff my husband knows includes how to break the ice after an argument and make me laugh even when I'm seething. Otherwise, being the embodiment of a cliche half-Italian /100% Scorpion, I could stay mad forever.  Luckily he's both funny -- and pretty damn cute.

The brave author of Stuff Every Husband Should Know, Eric San Juan, also recommends laughter as one of The Ten Commandments of Marriage, along with man-to-man advice such as, "Everything is your fault. Learn to embrace this." and "When your wife says 'fine' it means she is not happy."

Then there's the example I came across in an interview with Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert describing her husband: "Jose says: 'A woman's place is in the kitchen ...with a glass of wine, watching him cook.'"

No mystery there why she broke her vow to never remarry.

So what's the secret in your house? What does your husband / boyfirend / significant other know that every other guy out there should?

Stuff Every Husband Should Know by Eric San Juan, published by Quirk Books as part of their "Stuff" series of -- yes, quirky -- little guidebooks to life.

"Use the good china for breakfast."