Steal From A Million Dollar Decorator

Such a wealth of ideas in this vignette from Million Dollar Decorators' star Martyn Lawrence-Bullard's own home.  Pull furniture away from the walls.  Create a focal point.  Display art big and bold.  Mix textures, colors and patterns with daring and yet make sure they still complement each other. There's a lot going on here but by keeping the background neutral and the layout simple -- just four chairs and a table --the result is a vibrant space that doesn't overwhelm.  It's both more is more and less is more, all at once  Definitely a stylish secret to steal.

I fell in love with this room long before I knew the source -- and I've never watched an episode of Million Dollar Decorators.   But given the elements of Martyn's own style (zebra! velvet! plus all of the notes above), plus his belief that a touch of red energizes any space (yes again!) I may have to start watching.  See more of the designer's home in this NBC Los Angeles video

Photo from Martyn Lawrence-Bullard's

Live, Love & Decorate

as seen on

The Skirted Roundtable


"Use the good china for breakfast."