Rebel Chic from RUSK

Did you know that hair companies design collections just as clothing companies do? 

I didn't until I began getting my hair cut by John Anthony, a member of RUSK's creative team.  Now whenever I sit in his chair at Salon Europa I pepper him with questions about what's new, what's coming, what's hot, what's not.  While I might not love a look for my own hair, I do always love the creativity behind the styles.  Especially this year's Rebel Chic collection, "inspired by women throughout the ages who took risks, embraced difference and championed change."  As in: Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Cher.

To "show' the collection, RUSK's team travels to salon and trade events around the country, demonstrating on live models the cutting techniques and styling products that achieve each look.  As John says, "If you learn 'a haircut' you learn one look.  If you learn techniques you can do many looks."  To illustrate how concept becomes reality, here are the three rebel looks, which play with ideas of separation, texture and movement in various ways -- courtesy of salon owner /stylist / platform artist Sherri Jessee.

RUSK "Cleopatra" and "Joan of Arc" hair and makeup by Sherri Jessee / Photos by Jason Setiwan;  "Cher" Makeup by David Maderich, photo by Roberto Ligresti. 

Thank you Sherri for sharing your work.  See more on her blog and at


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