ONLINE ART SHOW: Liza Hathaway Matthews

Earlier this summer artist Liza Hathaway Matthews sent me an email suggesting I might like her work.  She was wrong.  I don't just like it, I love it.  I also love that the inspirations behind Liza's art are the same topics we talk about all the time here at Style Maniac:  fashion, interiors, travel, color.  To translate these inspirations into paintings Liza plays with brushes, sponges, palette knives and her own hands.  The unexpected effects and spot-on colorations bring each subject to vibrant life, evoking in a glance very specific aesthetics, such as that of perennial Style Maniac fave designer, Trina Turk (painting #1, above).

Trina, Carnival and Summer courtesy Liza Hathaway Matthews. To see more of the artist's work in oil, acrylic and charcoal visit Chic Shop and Oriet's Fine Art.    Or contact Liza directly at

"Use the good china for breakfast."