International "sisterMAG" features Style Maniac's Chef Secrets for Home Cooks series

This month Style Maniac's in the kitchen ... of sisterMAG. This international digital magazine, published in both English and German, follows a unique format with a layout that guides the reader through rooms of a digital home.  Issue No. 3 features Style Maniac and my "Chef Secrets for Home Cooks" YouTube and blog series. Check out the "Chef Secrets" feature (pp. 104-107) describing how the series came to be plus sharing top secrets learned from chefs Jason & Michael Brunetti, Joey Campanaro and Peter Woolsey. 

Danke to sisterMAG's dynamic founders, sisters Thea & Toni for including Style Maniac in this publication aimed at "intelligent and widely interested women" around the world sisterMAG Issue No.3 "Insights, Views & Vistas" /  Summer 2012.  Digital editions in English and German.

"Use the good china for breakfast."