500th Post
500 posts~  869 photos~ 44 months ~  1 intention

On the occasion of my 500th post for Style Maniac I look back to my very first and am surprised at how true I've stayed to my original intention.  The words I wrote that first day became my Maniac Manifesto and remain my personal manifesto as well:

"On a frigid day in January, as the economy continues to darken, my favorite magazine folds and glum news clogs the headlines, I decide to begin a style blog. What am I, crazy? Maybe. But I believe as long as you have to dress, decorate, eat and entertain, you may as well do it with style. So kick off your boots, girls, and turn up the stereo. Pour a big glass of red wine, grab your laptop, sink into your cushy sofa and forget the outside world exists. I've spent a lifetime reading, writing, shopping, designing and opining and I'm going to share my finds, tips and tricks with you. Enjoy!"

What I didn't imagine that cold winter day: all the other things that would come from blogging.  Amazing events, unique opportunities, a revival of my love of writing, and most of all friendships.  Writing is such a solitary act, and until blogs came about it was rare to get any feedback on an article.  Now through your comments, follows and shares I can see what has touched you, inspired you, delighted you every day.  Now I know that my love of style with intelligence, originality, humor, joy and soul is shared by so many women around the world.  It is a pleasure to have each of you here at Style Maniac as together we

live laugh learn listen read decorate dress eat entertain
... with style.

"Use the good china for breakfast."