SCREWED FOREVER: Pay-by-the-Slice Jewelry with Layers of Meaning

Slices of jewelry with layers of meaning.  Industrial exteriors mixed with softly contoured interiors.  Masculine yet feminine. 

Screwed Forever is all this and more.

On the surface Zivile Pupinyte's artisan jewelry line is a brilliant pay-by-the-slice concept beautifully executed.  Choose the number of slices and the type of metal you want at a price point that fits your budget.  Prices begin at $90 for two slices of silver / $900 for two slices of gold.  Add additional slices for +$30 each in silver / +$400 each in gold.  So far the highest request has been for 9, but Zivile can join as many as you like. While bold in appearance, the rings are elegant and surprisingly comfortable to wear. They can also be turned into pendants, giving you multiple options from one piece. The line works equally well for a woman or a man, a duality that has made these popular with couples, particularly as a modern option for wedding rings.

Which was an unexpected development given how Screwed Forever came to be.  While working in her studio on another design project, three steel washers ended up on Zivile's ring finger by accident. "Being recently divorced and ironically never sharing a real wedding band with my ex, I received many compliments on something that had no personal importance and value," explains Zivile.  "This was the seed for Screwed Forever concept as a symbol, created to represent a connection and meaning of life patterns between two or more individuals."

"My marriage was broken not because we did not have rings," Zivile continues.  "It is just odd that it led me to a design that is very much geared towards couples representing and presenting their relationship to the world, married or not.  Whether with family or friends, when we feel true, unconditional feelings of love, passion and compassion we know it.  This is what 'screwed forever' means to me and I believe that every individual can say that if they think about the most important people in their life."

And so in yet another layer, pieces of jewelry become conversation pieces. Each wearer stamps on each piece his or her own "screwed forever" story, notes the designer,  "be it they are 'screwed forever' with their dog of 10 years, be it they are 'screwed forever' with their long lost pen pal or be it they are 'screwed forever' with their husband or wife who they want to grow old with."

Jewelry, art, relationships, stories, love.  Screwed together ... forever.

To create your Screwed Forever story, contact Zivile at OR stop by the exclusive retail outlet for the line, Follicle Studio 741 S.4th Street, Philadelphia, PA.  

An online shop debuts this fall.  Add your email now for advance notice and special discounts.  See and share more on the Screwed Forever Facebook Page.

Photo at left by Doreen Creede, all other photos by Mechelle Lavelle. 

"Use the good china for breakfast."