4 Secrets on Pizza -- and Life -- from the Father & Son Chefs of Pizzetteria Brunetti

From each of the Chef Secrets for Home Cooks interviews I've learned something that goes beyond mere recipes, and can be applied to anything you cook.  And sometimes, to how you live.  Here's what I learned about pizza and cooking that also seems to be pretty good advice on life, as I watched father and son chefs Michael and Jason Brunetti serve up artisanal pies with pride and joy at tiny Pizzetteria Brunetti:

  1. Quality. If you want a great pizza you have to start with great ingredients.
  2. Simplicity.  Don't put too much stuff on one pie.
  3. Balance.  Ingredients should never overpower each other but should complement and work together harmoniously.
  4. Love.  Food made with love really does taste better.

Photo of a Pizzetteria Brunetti artichoke and goat cheese pie by Doreen Creede. For more on Michael and Jason Brunetti and their delicious Neapolitan pizza, see the previous post "Father and Son Chefs" and view Episode 3, "Pizza Secrets" of Chef Secrets for Home Cooks on Style Maniac's YouTube channel.  

"Use the good china for breakfast."