SILK GRAFFITI: A New Kind of Art from Aubrie Costello {and a new Stylish Sponsor}

Fluttering silk, slightly tattered, scrawled across the wall in curving ribbons, spelling out phrases unique to each space and time.  Words you can touch, art you can read, tagged on the wall in a way that will only happen once. Silk Graffiti, a new kind of art from Aubrie Costello.

And also, I am delighted to announce, a new sponsor of Style Maniac.

I first encountered Aubrie and her art while writing a story for Style Maniac, and have since experienced it at several locales, each evoking a different feeling and effect.  In your own home it could be a funny quote in the foyer, a milestone statement behind the sofa, an intimate saying in the bedroom.  Aubrie selects a silk fabric to enhance both the saying and the site, and helps you delve into the process of choosing the words.  A process that, I am finding out, can be quite a revelation.  Aubrie will be tagging my wall soon and we'll be sharing with you a peek at her process, which takes a feminine approach to a traditionally masculine medium, mixes luxe with raw, delicate with bold, perfect with imperfect.  "Like a fine wine, the installations only get better with age," notes Aubrie.  "Natural elements, like the breeze from an open window running through the silk strands, help to further deconstruct the Silk Graffiti into a more dripping, tangled web of silk and nails as it matures."

The result is art that moves and changes almost like a living thing, evolving with and marking the passing of time with mystery and beauty.  

NOTE: Although Silk Graffiti advertises on this site, this profile was not part of any sponsor package, but is presented at my discretion, as with other non-advertising companies and products I've featured, and love.

Silk Graffiti by Aubrie Costello

Installations begin at $200.  

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"Use the good china for breakfast."