How to Get Spa-Like Stress Relief At Home {plus a Spa Giftaway from Lavenders Body Care Clinic}

How to Get Spa-Like Stress Relief At Home {plus a Spa Giftaway from Lavenders Body Care Clinic}

There's lots of great things about owning your own company.  And then there's Tax Day. This year I was so stressed after transferring chunks of our bank account to the IRS that I made a pot of coffee -- and neglected to put the coffee pot on the burner.

Fortunately, soon after I had a different kind of experience with coffee grounds -- mixed with coconut butter and slathered on me during a Warm Java Scrub & Massage courtesy Lavenders Body Care Clinic in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.  The stress relief was immediate.  After floating back down to earth, I knew I had to let you, dear readers, share in the delicious relaxation.  So I asked the spa's owner, Vera Kosabutski, to share her tips on how to create a spa experience at home. Then Vera and I concocted another goodie:  a treat for one of you to enjoy the spa itself in the first ever Style Maniac Giftaway.  

Lavenders' luxe robe.  I wanted to wear it home.

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Giftaway recipient will be announced next week. Right now, here's a gift for all of us: tips on how to get some spa-like stress relief in our own homes.

Spa At Home Tips & Warm Java Scrub Recipe from Vera Kosabutski
Recreate a Serene Spa Atmosphere:
My Calgon moment is to put my fuzzy robe and slippers on, grab a glass of wine and fill up the bath with bubbles. I have all kinds of oils, salts, fragrances, etc.; the more bubbles the better. (Choose a water soluble bath oil; The Body Shop and Bed Bath & Beyond offer good selections). Light some candles and keep the bath lights off so when you come and go checking on the water the candles are the only light and it creates much anticipation.
Scrub in the Tub:
Scrubs are great when you're in your own shower or tub. Use a wash cloth to keep the product intact. To reach your back use a long back brush, smash the product into the bristles and then rub.
Slather on the Java:
To re-create our Warm Java body scrub, mix 2 Tblsp of Coffee grounds (choose a thick grind such as Maxwell House in a can) with 4 Tblsp body lotion. Lavenders uses unscented coconut butter, but any kind of body lotion works fine. Gently warm in a micorowave, make sure it is not too hot, and then apply in the shower (as coffee grinds will stain your sheets and towels). Why coffee? Caffeine draws out water from the skin, which helps with cellulite.

Thank you, Vera, for sharing your spa secrets.  I'm feeling relaxed just thinking about these.  Hope you all do too.

Lavenders is a European-style day spa offering a full range of services, including wraps, facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and a seasonally changing menu of scrubs and specials.  The pretty, intimate setting makes it perfect for a party or pre-wedding event. Open 7 days a week.

Lavenders Body Care Clinic

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