Destination Decorating: Marrakesh By Design

Destination Decorating:  Marrakesh By Design

Sometimes you bring home a souvenir from a destination ... and sometimes you want to turn your home into that destination.

In her new book Marrakesh By Design, Maryam Montague gives you the context, inspiration and resources to do just that.  Compiled from knowledge gained while creating her own Moroccan home/boutique hotel, Peacock Pavilions, and documented in her blog My Marrakesh, the book delves into the layers of history and meaning behind this exotic yet inviting look, offers room-by-room decorating tips and DIY projects, and concludes with a guide of global shopping sources for those truly interested in achieving the more is more is more effect in their own homes.  It also provides plenty of pretty pictures for those interested in just a magic carpet ride.

When my review copy arrived from Artisan publishers on a chilly spring day last month, one touch of the textured cover and a quick flip through the color-saturated pages had me dreaming of genies and souks, cardamon-scented coffee, cool mosaic patterned walls, fountains gurgling in shaded courtyards and dusty alleys with woven treasures revealed behind billowing curtains. 

(Hmm, maybe it is time to do a little redecorating.)

Marrakesh By Design by Maryam Montague (Artisan Books)

"Use the good china for breakfast."