Crazy. Colorful. Fun.

So many times I've read this advice in a decorating magazine: "Choose what you love, it will all work together."  I disagree.  There's lots of things I love that decidedly do not look good together.  Then there are some very different styles that unexpectedly do.  A great example of a bold mix that does work: the colorful riot of patterns, hues and styles in the photo above.  Toile and geometric, sleek and ornate, orange, pink, black, turquoise:  each plays off each other to make the other look better.  The only way to find out if a mixture will achieve this kind of magic:  just try it.  Mix, mingle, add, rearrange -- and then edit until it feels right. The results can be oh so fresh and fun.

Photo by James Merrell for Living Etc. As spied on Decorista Daydreams


"Use the good china for breakfast."