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Being your own PR person is strange.  It's so much easier, I think, to promote someone else than yourself.  So while putting together some marketing materials for Style Maniac I decided to let you do the talking.  Highlighted here and on the Style Maniac Press Page are some of the thousands of lovely messages you have posted or emailed about Style Maniac.  Each comment is a gift, truly, and a big part of what makes blogging so very satisfying. I thank all of you who have taken the time to give me your feedback and add your thoughts to our conversations about fashion, food, decorating, entertaining, books, art, music, style, love, laughter ... life. 

See below for sources to the above quotes (in bold), plus more Buzz.  I'll be updating the list regularly, so please continue to share your thoughts!

C is for CHEERLEADER:  Women supporting other women ... what could be better?  Here's a chance to thank a woman who has made your life lovelier.  Add a note to the Comments section here.  (Part 4 of our series "Let's Hear It For The Girls ... celebrating women from A to Z." )  Graphic by Doreen Creede


“I enjoy checking out the Style Maniac blog — ‘live laugh learn listen read decorate dress entertain … with style.’ Addictive!”
Gretchen Rubin, New York Times best-selling author,  The Happiness Project
“I love the new design … it’s so dreamy! And I really love the way you write! I always feel like I am reading a wonderfully written novel about an uber stylish designer and her hip life … what is she going to do next, I just can’t wait to see!” — Danielle, author of Fresh Quince, on Oh So Pretty
“Doreen, Your writing weaves such a wonderful image of life in Rittenhouse Square. Thank you so much for including me in your post, I’m glad you used some of the techniques to live large without spending a lot.” — Claudia, author of The Paris Apartment, on L’Appartement
“I so love to get my style maniac - good stuff!” — Dana on The Seamstress & The Decorator
“Bellisimo!” — Lee Romano Sequeira of Madness Mom and Me on A Simply Joyous Christmas
“Your blog brings me joy and inspiration.” —Sandra, owner of Debutante Clothing, on Blog Birthday: Style Maniac Turns Two
“Once again you held me captive to some magnificent fabrics and re-decorating.  Each blog just gets better and better. You have to get them together in a book.” — Elizabeth on Behind the Scenes: Kevin O’Brien Studio.
Poetic stories accompanied with beautiful images……Inspirational!” — Shelly of Lush on By The Boardwalk
“Your topics and gorgeous pics affirm my faith in the power of beautiful design and lovely things to be balm for the human spirit.” — Mary Steel Lawler via email
“Thank you for this gorgeous eye candy to start my day at the beach! Beautiful Doreen, truly.” — Barbara Hammond of Zero to 60 & Beyond on She Sells Seashells
“Doreen, I like your ideas. They are always lovely, feminine and stylish.” — Maria author of Design Elements on Magic Wand, anyone?
"Love!" (and many likes) from Susie Riley of Orange Swing on the Style Maniac Facebook Page.
“Visual crack.  Can’t get enough!”  — artist Betsy Bart via email

"Use the good china for breakfast."